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EasyFlip Disposable Cover

EasyFlip Disposable Cover

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A kitchen full of boxes, in all colours, sizes and shapes. 

It sometimes gets hard to find their lids/ covers back. Or just random stuff that needs some covering but nothing fits. 

When going out for a picnic or a drive it gets impossible to put all the homemade delicious food in boxes when you can't find their lid back. Which will cause extra searching time, that will lead to stress and mood swings, at the end it will all cause a bad mood that will ruin the fun moments.

The EasyFlip will come in handy here.

With a wide stretchy opener it will fit on any plate, tray, bowl, lunchbox, dish of any shape and size.

Some food may get a bit smelly while putting them back in the fridge. Not good covering will cause bacteria, some are visible and some will be inside which can not be seen yet. If you cover the food with the EasyFlip it will stay the same. Fresh and no smelly fridge.

Say goodbye to awkwardly wrestling with clingy plastic and hello to hassle-free food storage. It's like a cosy blanket for your leftovers, keeping them snug and secure until the next mealtime rescue. From saving that last slice of pizza from a cold, this EasyFlip is your kitchen's unsung hero.

Not only handy in the kitchen but also for daily use!

Going for a party, a picnic, car ride, delivering food to family, friends or neighbours? Cover the food with the EasyFlip without worrying about any fly or dust, making a mess, or spoiling the presentation.

The EasyFlip will also be handy for personal stuff. Such as covering your hair when it's not ‘ washing hair day’ the EasyFlip is waterproof and will cover all your hair in it.

Just got some brand new white sneakers? Wanna wear them out with the outfit but it might rain later in the day? Well no need to cancel the OOTD cause the EasyFlip will keep your sneakers like they are. BRAND NEW! Yes you can also cover your shoes with them.


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