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Baby Handy Hand

Baby Handy Hand

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We all try very hard to make sure the baby doesn't cry much.

It's harder than it looks, not only for the new parents but also for the newborn. They have to adjust in this new world, new environment, instead of getting fed automatically in the mothers womb they now have to learn how to suck a bottle and nippels.

Trying all those different types of milk bottles and pacifiers is also a task for the parents. 

With that being said breastfeeding can be hard also. Sometimes the mothers milk is not filling enough which leads to unstoppable painful breastfeeding. 

The Handy Hand is a allrounder

It's a teething pacifier that will train the baby’s mouth skills. While playing with it they can safely put the Handy hand in their mouth so the baby will train his/ her gums also. Instead of having a pacifier they can safely suck on this Handy Hand, it has a easy hand grip so that you don't have to hold it, the baby will try and learn to hold it by himself.

 We all know that especially babies put everything in their mouth very quickly. That is one way for them to learn what is going on around them.

In a blink of an eye things can disappear in their mouth which will lead the parents worried and stressed.

For babies around 0-6 months Handy Hand will be a perfect mouthing toy. It will help them explore while using their senses to learn new texture. Also build muscles which will help them later with eating and speaking. 

The Handy Hand is made with safe food grade silicone material which has been verified by US FDA. No added chemicals, no odd smell and dishwasher + freezer safe. For a quick cleansing it can easy be boiled in water also. A safe and easy design for babies so they can be independently playful.The soft silicone texture is especially made to mimic the breastfeeding feeling for the baby, at both the side which is made in nipple shape is a bit thicker and chewable to make sure through nubbing and pulling will help with teeth pain relief.

The Handy hand is a small first toy for your baby, it fits perfectly in their hands which will help them to hold a grip. While taking a nap and holding it closely to their mouth, it will lead them to automatically suck on it and they will think it's a bottle or a pacifier. Which will lead to a longer sleep, and more quiet time for the parents so they can also do their thing.

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